The Clock is Approaching Zero Hour!


The excitement is mounting for zero hour, and the opening of the End of The World Fair! As the designers put the last finishing touches on their wares for you, the previews will continue to roll out on what will be one of the most unique and imaginative fairs in Second life!

Don’t forget the End of the World Fair starts on December 15th, so don’t get left out in the cold at Zero Hour!



Photo 1:

EOTW Props by:

EOTW Picket Line & Signs by: Something New

Lamp Post by: Sim Pro Designs

EOTW Cothing by:

EOTW Mesh Sweater by: Something New

EOTW Peas Headband by: Deeleys

Photo 2:

EOTW Props by:

Waverleigh Desk & Credenza by: Far Concepts

Folded Space Suit by: Zisp

EOTW Outfit by: SD Wears ~ Black Patterned Outfit

EOTW Orchids: Fair Freebie


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