Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My!


Well, I don’t know if there will be lions, tigers, and bears. But I do know that ya’ll should be hunting! If your not then get on down to Masoom! You can find yourself lots of nifty hunt prizes in the main-store right now. So don’t miss out!


Masoom’s Flowerpower Dress from SMF Hunt

Masoom’s Tattoo from PMV Hunt


Masooms Liza Mesh Dress from BH Hunt

Designer Credits:

Photo 1:

Dress by: Masoom ~ Flowerpower Dress (Steampunk Meets Flowerpower Hunt)

Tattoo by: Masoom ~ You Live here (Pimp My Valentine Hunt Jan 15- Feb 15)

Hair by: Grim Bros. ~ Miss Fernia Updo

Skin by: Modish ~ Isla (Cappucio) New Group Gifty!

Mouth Nom by: Epic ~ Kyoot Potted Happy Fire Flower

Photo 2:

Dress by: Masoom ~ Liza Mesh Dress ~ (Bubbly Hearts Hunt Jan 20 – Feb 20th)

Hair by: Vanity ~ Heart

Skin by: Modish~ Isla (Cappucio) New Group Gifty


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