Space & Retro at The Home & Garden Expo


It’s just a few days into the Home & Garden Expo event for Relay for Life {may 24- june 2nd}, and there are just so many things to see! If you haven’t been to the expo yet, definitely make time to see it. There are over 100 different builders and designers who have created some really amazing displays, not to mention, that all the different sim landscaping areas and decor is just beautiful! Also don’t forget that the Home & Garden Expo is a charitable event, with many of your purchases (using the RFL venders) going to help support the fight against cancer. So make sure you check out this fantastic event! You can find more info on the Home & Garden Expo for Relay for Life : here!

SHouseNatane House {Shown with Windows Tinted Feature} by: Glas Houses {Home & Garden Expo}

Window ViewNatane House {Windows untinted view}

Hacia Dos Veranos Sofa by: Ionic {Home & Garden Expo}

Honeycomb Wall Art Collage {Shown in Blue/Green} by: Second Spaces {Home & Garden Expo}

Retro Glam Acapulco Curl Chair by: Zinnias

Retro Glam Curl Planter by: Zinnias

Retro Painter Set by: RnB

TPH Rug by: Dirty.Little. Secret

Retro50’s Table {Purple} by: Good Furniture {Home & Garden Expo}

50’s Chairs {Lemon} by: Good Furniture {Home & Garden Expo}

Retro1Drums by: Ionic {Home & Garden Expo}

Amp Pillow Seat by: Ionic {Home & Garden Expo}


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