Are you a Doll at Heart???


If your answer was yes, then it’s time to break out the inner dolly in you! The Funny Puppet Fair is almost here! The fair starts tomorrow June 2nd, at 1:00 PM SL time and you’ll not wanna miss it!

This super fanciful fair is inspired by dolls, puppets, Muppet’s, marionette’s, ball joint dolls and so much more. You’ll want to dance on strings and break out the sock puppets before your sojourn to this fair is over.

PuppetDolly Dress {Shown in Pink} *A Funny Puppet Fair Exclusive* by: LavandaChic

Cute Panda Bag *A Funny Puppet Fair Exclusive* by: Pure Poison

Puppet1Marionette Controls & Ribbons {Pink} *A Funny Puppet Fair Exclusive* by: Curio Obscura

The Puppeteer Clogs {Mix Rose} *A Funny Puppet Fair Exclusive* by: Loordes of London

Puppet2Dollz Skin {Cream Tone, Db} *A Funny Puppet Fair Exclusive* by: Modish

This & That:

Hair by: Vanity Hair ~ Marshmellow

Faun Face Makeup by: Half-Deer

Eyeshadow by: Monroe Cosmetics ~ Pretty in Pink

Lashes by: Redgrave ~ Elemental

Eyes by: Anatomy ~ Kawaii Eyes {Blue}

Tattoo by: URCO ~ Save an Owl

Tights by: SongBird ~ Ombre {Pink-Yellow}

Floral Overleggings by: Dressing Darlings {Alice in Wonderland}

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