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Go Bust!


GoingBust3Silicone Free Outfit {Outfit includes top, leather pants & appliers} by: Sugar & Cyanide @ Going Bust

GoingBust4Favorite Game Top {Showing Autumn Stripes w/Appliers} by: Pink Sugah @ Going Bust

GoingBust2Latte Plaid Crop Top by: SexZ @ Going Bust

GoingBust1Ravenous Outfit {Showing Pinky Version} by: Jelly @ Going Bust

GoingBustPlay With Me {Showing Black & Gray} by: PeachBlossom @ Going Bust

This & That:

Skin by: Glam Affair ~ Roza Basic {Europa}

Eyes by: SongBird ~ Big Bang Eyes {Blue}

Hands by: Slink

Mesh Breasts by: Lolas {Tango}

Nails by: Elephante Poses ~ Blurred Lines {Black}

Lashes by: Redgrave ~ Luscious

Eyeshadow by: The Sugar Garden

Jeans by: Badazzle Designs

Fall through the Rabbit Hole…


Fall through the rabbit hole with us, and come participate in the very first Alice in Boobieland Hunt & Sale Event. During this fantastical boobie hunt, designers have left 5L hunt items all over KatnipZ Wonderland. And there not just any gifts! No, there gifts from some of the VERY BEST SL Boobie Designers around. And dats the truth! On top of that, the gifts are AMAZING! No cheapy hunt gifts here! And in celebration for this long anticipated hunt, the designers have set up special carts in addition to their hidden hunt gifts, all around the sim. These carts have special priced items, freebies, and many, many nifty gifties! And all of it’s for You! Remember, this is a SIM WIDE hunt, so all the prizes and items are @ KaTnipZ Wonderland

Wanna see even more hunt prizes and get all the hints? Check out the hunt blog!

AIBAlice Body Suit w/Appliers by: Luckie @ Alice in Boobieland Hunt

Eat Me Dress w/Appliers by: GAALL @ Alice in Boobieland Hunt

Sexy Hatter Outfit w/hat & appliers by: Pure Perfection @ Alice in Boobieland Hunt

AIB1Eat Me Shrooms Pasties by: Fappy @ Alice in Boobieland Hunt

AIB2Off With Your Head Tee by: Forbidden Closet Designs @ Alice in Boobieland Hunt

Alice in Boobieland 5L Hunt has Started!


The Alice in Boobieland hunt @ Wonderland has started! So come on down and grab the goodies, and accessories for all your Boobies! Lots of sweet and sexy outfits and items in a wonderland theme! Hurry on down to KaTnipZ Wonderland!

alice in Boobieland

Rabbit Hole Sales Room


RHFreedom Dress {Shown in Yellow w/Appliers} by: Newtique @ Rabbit Hole Sales Room

Sunglasses by: HollyHood @ Rabbit Hole Sales Room

Dangerous Patent Leather Shoes {Shown in Black/Gold} by: HollyHood @ Rabbit Hole Sales Room

RH2Black Couture Class Purse {Also comes in White!} by: HollyHood @ Rabbit Hole Sales Room

Spoiled Bow Ring {Shown in Green} by: Baubles @ Rabbit Hole Sales Room

Charmed Bracelets by: Baubles @ Rabbit Hole Sales Room

RH1Unshed Tears Eye Gems by: Baubles @ Rabbit Hole Sales Room

POPurple Camo Bikini by: Princess Oddities @ Rabbit Hole Sales Room

RH3Elegant Satin Chemise Outfit {Outfit comes w/ Chemise, Stockings, Gloves, Shoes, Necklace, & Bracelet} by: Souled Out @ Rabbit Hole Sales Room

This & That:

Reading Glasses by: Sugar Buttons Boutique ~ Super Nerd Glasses

Mad Hatters Midweek Sale!


We must be CRAZY, Crazy! But yes, it’s that time again! Time for the Mad Hatters Midweek Sale @ KaTnipZ Wonderland. And during this insane 2 day sale all our Mad as Hatter Designers have left something really special for you, priced at only 40L. That’s right, items at only 40L. Everything from full outfits, to gadgets, gizmo’s, and neato accessories! So come on out and check out the craziest Alice in Wonderland themed sim on the grid!

._Tits Up_.   Boobie Breeze top pack 4 _ WEAR ME _ [trs]YummehPolaroid_Pic {PO} MHM - Long Gown - Milk AW Bad Things Mesh Blah DD DD1 EBmod Fountain-of-Decay INDIA TANK ADD Loordes of London-In Basic Pumps-Mint ModaMia Plaid Top Pink OLA PS PunkyPandaMHMPic S&C Sacred Dreams-No Return Ad ToXiC HiGh-- Queen Dress Corset [Red Queen]

Serious Killer ~ Horror Haute


It’s that time gals and ghouls. Time for the insanest week of the month, Horror Haute! And you’ll be feelin the bloodlust when you take a look at what the fabulous Horror Haute Creators have made for you this round. Remember to get on down to these twisted stores early during the event, so you can get the special round items at an introductory price!

HHCome drag your bloody ass down and get this twisted and gore splattered sexy “White Latex Dress” {Includes full blood splatter body tattoo} by: Tasty Pudding. There’s also a pink version!

HH1You’ll wanna get your evil little hands on this Creepy Cameo Corset Dress by: Skindustrial Bodywerks

HH2They just don’t make human hearts the way they used too…. Mores the Pity. “Love Me Mesh Top” by: Czarny Kanarek

HH3Spare parts?…What?!! The better to grab you with, My Dears… “Call of Cthulhu” Gown {Includes Dress, Bloody Chest Tattoo, & Tentacle} by: ImmateriA

HH4HH5A Lounge Chaise fit for a sacrafice, or whatever your wicked heart has in mind! “Goatressa Chaise Lounge” by: Horribaubles

This & That:

Skin by: Modish ~ Iva {Cream}

Mesh Hands & Feet by: Slink

Bloody Bandages by: Coca & Wolf

Eye Patch by: Hate This

Wrist Wraps by: Zombie Suicide

Lashes by: Redgrave

Tears of Blood by: Lafrayeur ~ Betrayal

Bloody Chefs Knife & heart by: Yellow Jester



Make Sunday A Lubbly Jubblies Day!


LJRuffle Grrl {Blue Confetti w/Appliers} by: SexZ @ Lubbly Jubblies

OOh EM ZEE Cozies {w/Applers} by: Sugar & Cyanide/Barely Legal @ Lubbly Jubblies

LJ1Color Confusion {w/Appliers & Matching Belt} by: Ruckus @ Lubbly Jubblies

Heart Heat Mini Dress {w/Appliers} by: Twisted Finials @ Lubbly Jubblies

This & That:

Skin by: Hush Skins ~ Daisy {Cherry}

Mesh Breasts by: Lolas – Tango

Mesh Hands by: Slink

Slink Nails by: Elephante Poses ~ Cruel Summer

Lashes by: Redgrave

Eyes by: SongBird ~ Big Bang

Stockings by: Rotten Toe & Crash Republic

Zinnias at The 24!!


ZInnias is at The 24, and right now you can get some of the neatest new Southwestern styled releases across the grid there! From an exclusive limited edition Southwestern styled rocking chair with beautiful vibrant colors, to an awesome brand new patio set! So head on down to The 24 and check out ZInnias specials!

ZinniasCasa De Verano Patio Set {Set comes with Lounge chair, arm chair, chest & patio table {Rocking Chair & Yucca planet are exclusives to The 24, & Hassock Pouffe is a special gifty!}

Zinnias1Exclusive Rocking Chair & Free Hassock Pouffe Gifty!

Zinnias2Beautiful Zinnias detail in colors and patterns!


More Yum for your Boobies!


BoobiesSuper Girl Shirt {Showing white & red w/Appliers} by: Rotten Defiance @ The Boobies Show {Starts Aug 24th!}

Filthy Tease Outfit {Comes with Tube top & Skirt w/Appliers} by: Sugar & Cyanide @ The Boobies Planet

Bitch Dress {Includes appliers} by: Neus Magic Designs @ The Boobies Planet

Boobies1Lacey Mini Dress {Cotton Candy w/Appliers} by: L!ke @ The Boobies Planet

Toxic Outfit {Comes with top, shrug, & jeans w/appliers} by: Hot Stuff @ The Boobies Planet

Doll Set -Sweet Polka Pink {w/Appliers} by: Pink Sugah @ The Boobies Planet

Candy Crush Pumps {Showing Pink} by: VG Shoes

Skin Featured is: Daisy – Cherry {Sugar Tone} by: HUSH Skins

This & That:

Mesh Hands & Feet by: Slink

Mesh Breasts by: Lolas- Tango

Lashes by: Redgrave ~ Luscious

Tattoo by: Custom InkZ ~ Bad to the Bone

Pure Sales Room Newness!


It’s a New round of Pure Sales Room, and there’s a ton of newness waiting for you! So check out these yummy previews and then hurry on down before the deals are gone!

PureSAnita Top {Showing Cream} by: Blah blah Blah @ Pure Sales Room

Cargo Shorts {Showing Green Denim} by: Praxis @ Pure Sales Room

Somerset Heeled Boot {Showing Green & Mustard} by: Loordes of London @ Pure Sales Room

All at Sea ~ Slink Nails Hud {Greens & Blues} by: Elephante Poses @ The Black Market

PureS1Cute Girl Top {Sheer} by: Damned Dolls @ Pure Sales Room

Skully Mortis Gloves by: Praxis @ Pure Sales Room

PureS2Fading Like A Flower Skirt & Top Set by: LIV Glam @ Pure Sales Room

Moonstone Bangles & Ring by: Baubles @ Pure Sales Room

PureS3Ascension Set {Shown in Blue, includes Corset, Skirt, Shrug & Shoes w/Appliers} by: Souled Out @ Pure Sales Room

PureS4Summer Polo Shirt {Shown in Pink} by: Fresh @ Pure Sales Room

This & That:

Skin by: HUSH Skins ~ Taylor Skin {Winterberry}

Stockings by: The Secret Store ~ Bamboo

Lashes by: Redgrave ~ Luscious

Antlers by: Rotten Defiance ~ Light Green

Mesh Breasts by: Lolas {Tango}

Mesh Hands by: Slink