Mad Hatters Midweek Sale @ KaTnipZ Wonderland!


It’s that time of the week again! The Mad Hatters Midweek Sale has started on KaTnipZ Wonderland! That means bunches of our super talented Wonderland designers have left out something really super special for you on their porches at Wonderland for only 40L! Yup, only 40L! But the Mad Hatters sale only lasts for 2 days, starting today! So get on down to Wonderland and check out these insane deals!

1151070_490960750995675_125206261_n^Wicked Sin Creations^ Loose Cheesy MHM Blah Cap Cute little hatter DD FCD ModaMia Newtique OhLALA Princess QueBella S&C Sacred Dreams-No Return Ad TheP!nk Bandaid-  BeGentle Necklace Titsup ToXiC HiGh-- Queen Dress Corset [Black Widow] MHM TRS WILD FLOWER PURPLE BOOT ADDToXiC HiGh-- Queen Dress Corset [Black Widow] MHM


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