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Get Your Sexy Nerd On at Rotten Defiance


RDSWStar Wars Is My Girlfriend {Hunt Outfit for HIM} & Artoo Dress w/Appliers {Hunt Outfit for HER} by: Rotten Defiance for Sexy Nerd Hunt

This & That:


Skin by: Belleza ~ Ewan

Hair by: Wasabi Pills ~ Zack {Black}

Shoes by: Asylum ~ Psychotic Slip On’s


Hair by: Truth ~ Alexis {Babyblue}

Skin by: Hush ~ Addison {Flirty Blue} Sugar Db

Lashes by: Redgrave ~ Elemental

Face Tattoo by: Little Pricks ~ Chemicals Collide

Piercing by: Hollyweird ~ PC4 {Unisex}

Hands by: Slink ~ Casual

Stockings by: GW ~ T-Ease Socks

Boots by: LW ~ Crushers {Noir}


New Releases from the Demented District


AsylumSadistic Strapless Dresses {Available in Solid colors via HUD, currently showing Red} by: Asylum {New Release!}

RAThe Walking Dead Whites Lazy Tops {Other images available Via HUD} by: Rotten Apple {New Release}

This & That:

Hair by: Truth {Stevie}

Hat by: Ezura ~ Wool Cap and Goggles {Unisex}

Skin by: Modish ~ Dollz {Cream Db} *Exclusive to the Funny Puppet Fair*

Eyeshadow by: MiaSnow ~ Mixups {Blues & Reds}

Lipstick by: Modish ~ Dollz {Set C-12}

Lashes by: Redgrave ~ Elemental

Face Piercings by: Hollyweird ~ Ravished

Belly Piercings by: Phoebe ~ K3 {8 Color changing Metals} *Outlet Sales Room*

Face Slash by: Little Pricks ~ Dark Passenger {Dexter}

Necklace by: Little Pricks ~ Dark Passenger {Dexter}

Tattoo by: The Death ~ Skulls

Armbands by: Dirtyland ~ Regret

Shorts by: The Death ~ Sorrow {Black}

Stockings by: FireBird Designs ~ {Net Stockings}

Boots by: GOS ~ Triumph Boots {Black}

Poses by: WetCat

Short & Sassy Styles



Screwy Sweater {Mesh, Comes with color changing HUD for different looks!} by: AsYLUM {New Release!!}

Pleated Skin {Shown in White, also comes in RED} by: Kaithleen’s only @ Pre-Release


All Photos Feature “Mya” Skin in Cappucio by: Modish {Group Gift for MAY!!!}

Frog Necklace & Earrings w/3 Metal color changes by: Phoebe only @ Pre-Release

This & That:

Hair by: Exile ~ Fiona

Nails by: Virtual/Insanity ~ Lacey Spring

Shoes by: CaKe! ~ Jordan Black Boots

The Zombies are Coming


Yep, the Zombies are here, and if you wanna pop a cap in a Zombie or two, better get the lead out and head down to Zombie Fest 2013. Hitch a ride, bring your friends. Plenty of Zombies to go around in the action zone. While your there pick up some hunting gear. There’s guns, ammo, themed clothing and just about anything else you could imagine. Just remember to keep your head!



This & That:

Pants by: Asylum ~ Bi-Polar Britches {Zombie Fest 2013}

Corset by: Joops ~ Black Corset {Grunge}

Boots by: GOS ~ Triumph Boots {Black- Fem}

Neck Tat by: Asylum ~ Zombies ❤ Me {Zombie Fest 2013}

Arm Tat by: Little Pricks ~ On Point

Skin by: Mystic Canvass ~ Evian {3} Gothic Makeup

Handgun by: Okari ~ Colt M1911

Thigh Holster by: The Death

Hair by: KMMAD ~ Dora {Black}

Broken Hearted


Did she break your heart? Did you loose a dream? Then Pre-Release’s Boulevard of Broken Hearts is where you need to be. Fashionable attire and accessories from top designers for both men and women at exclusive prices not to be matched elsewhere. The event runs from Feb 17- March the 1st with fashions you won’t want to miss.


Bleeding Heart Tee {Mesh} by: Noise only @ Pre-Release

Bagging for Love Capri Pants {Mesh} by: FireBird Designs only @ Pre-Release

This & That:

Skin by: Belleza ~ Ewan {SunKissed}

Hair by: Wasabi Pills ~ Zack {Ash}

Shoes by: Asylum ~ Psychotic Slip-On’s {Red}

Your Hair And Dress in Ribbons…



Skull New Wave Dress by: DRBC

Queen of Hearts Valentines Day Makeup by: AD {Group Gifty}


Maniac Tee’s in 4 Color Combo’s by: Asylum New

Hell Bent Bettie Blackest Leather Pants by: DRBC New

Psychotic Slip On Shoes by: Asylum New

This & That:

Skin by: Modish ~ Lulu {Rage} Crema

Hair by: Clawtooth ~ My Shilova {Reds}

Tat by: Sweet Sin ~ XOXO Stars

Helmet by: FreakyDesign ~ Mouse Helmet

Bloody Heart V-Day Gacha Fair


The Bloody Heart V-Day Gacha Fair has landed over at the DeMented DiStrict. Stores like AsYLum, Rotten Apple, Razorblade Jacket, 1. Hundred, Sassy, Holli Pocket and more will be there. The Bloody Gacha Fair will run from Feb 1- 15th bringing you the truly demented and dark designs you love.

Pucker up, Bebe...It's the Bloody Heart V-Day Gacha Fair!

Pucker up, Bebe…It’s the Bloody Heart V-Day Gacha Fair!


Designer Creds:

T-Shirt by: Asylum ~ Zombie Love (TLH Gifty from Asylum)

Boots by: GoS ~ Triumph Boots (Black Fem)

Hair by: Clawtooth ~ My Shilova (Reds pack)

Skin by: Modish ~ PlayMeNot

Skirt by: RoawenWood ~ Tainted Love Mini skirt

Headphones by: Asylum ~ (Bloody Heart V-Day Gacha)

ArrowHeadshot by: Hysteria ~ To The Heart & Mind

Bandaids by: Kthnx

Eyes by: Noiroptix ~ Arctic Blue

Carving Tat by: ED ~ Love Me Stapled Tat