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Mad Hatters Midweek Sale!


We must be CRAZY, Crazy! But yes, it’s that time again! Time for the Mad Hatters Midweek Sale @ KaTnipZ Wonderland. And during this insane 2 day sale all our Mad as Hatter Designers have left something really special for you, priced at only 40L. That’s right, items at only 40L. Everything from full outfits, to gadgets, gizmo’s, and neato accessories! So come on out and check out the craziest Alice in Wonderland themed sim on the grid!

._Tits Up_.   Boobie Breeze top pack 4 _ WEAR ME _ [trs]YummehPolaroid_Pic {PO} MHM - Long Gown - Milk AW Bad Things Mesh Blah DD DD1 EBmod Fountain-of-Decay INDIA TANK ADD Loordes of London-In Basic Pumps-Mint ModaMia Plaid Top Pink OLA PS PunkyPandaMHMPic S&C Sacred Dreams-No Return Ad ToXiC HiGh-- Queen Dress Corset [Red Queen]


Pure Sales Room Newness!


It’s a New round of Pure Sales Room, and there’s a ton of newness waiting for you! So check out these yummy previews and then hurry on down before the deals are gone!

PureSAnita Top {Showing Cream} by: Blah blah Blah @ Pure Sales Room

Cargo Shorts {Showing Green Denim} by: Praxis @ Pure Sales Room

Somerset Heeled Boot {Showing Green & Mustard} by: Loordes of London @ Pure Sales Room

All at Sea ~ Slink Nails Hud {Greens & Blues} by: Elephante Poses @ The Black Market

PureS1Cute Girl Top {Sheer} by: Damned Dolls @ Pure Sales Room

Skully Mortis Gloves by: Praxis @ Pure Sales Room

PureS2Fading Like A Flower Skirt & Top Set by: LIV Glam @ Pure Sales Room

Moonstone Bangles & Ring by: Baubles @ Pure Sales Room

PureS3Ascension Set {Shown in Blue, includes Corset, Skirt, Shrug & Shoes w/Appliers} by: Souled Out @ Pure Sales Room

PureS4Summer Polo Shirt {Shown in Pink} by: Fresh @ Pure Sales Room

This & That:

Skin by: HUSH Skins ~ Taylor Skin {Winterberry}

Stockings by: The Secret Store ~ Bamboo

Lashes by: Redgrave ~ Luscious

Antlers by: Rotten Defiance ~ Light Green

Mesh Breasts by: Lolas {Tango}

Mesh Hands by: Slink

Candy, Colors, & Cookies!


CuteOff-Shoulder Crop Top, w/ Ice Cream Cookie Mouthie {Showing Cupcake} by: Grumble *Exclusive to the Candy Girl 5L Hunt*

Ice Cream Girl Mini Shorts {Pink, Outfit includes top which is not shown} by: Damned Dolls *Exclusive to the Candy Girl 5L Hunt*

Cute1Deanne Hair Mega Pack {Showing Fantasy -Skyblue} by: Tameless @ Pure Sales Room

Cute2Moonstone Bangles & Ring by: Baubles @ Pure Sales Room

Mad Hatters MidWeek Sale Event!


Get out the Pina Colada & the Party Favors, it’s the new Mad Hatters Midweek Sale! Over 20 designers have left something super special for you on their porches @ KaTnipZ Wonderland for only 40L. That’s right! Only 40L! You can find these way special items by looking for the little Mad Hatters hat slapped onto the venders. But don’t wait! The Mad Hatters Midweek Sale only lasts 2 days, starting today!

1151070_490960750995675_125206261_n._Tits Up_.   Grandads Shirt Teal .S&C. Zebra Chic {PO} MHM Item AW Blah DamnedDolls DD EBMod - RLV Glasses - Nerd Ed. v1.1.0 Advert Elegant Goth Fight Red HOT STUFF ADD Loordes of London-Aberdeen Top-Olive ModaMia Spring Mesh Top W_ Tango Applier and Shorts New Ohlala PS SD ToxicHigh Trs

Reef’s Colors Fair Fun


RFMy Sanctuary WallUnit by: Persnickity @ Reef’s Colors Fair

Sea Life Framed Artwork by: Lark @ Reef’s Colors Fair

Urchin Chairs by: Lark @ Reef’s Colors Fair

Jellyfish Light {Shown in Purple} by: Lark @ Reef’s Colors Fair

RF1Splash Jumper by: Koi @ Reef’s Colors Fair

Lunch Shark Shoes {Shown in Red} by: LavandaChic @ Reef’s Colors Fair

RF2Underwater Jumper by: Damned Dolls @ Reef’s Colors Fair

Beach Ball & Pose by: Le Poppycock @ Reef’s Colors Fair

RF3Happy Dress {Shown in Orange} by: Kaithleen’s @ Reef’s Colors Fair

Clownfish Purse by: Evilkyoot @ Reef’s Colors Fair

This & That:

Skin by: My Ugly Dorothy

Eyes by: Honey Pang

Lashes by: Redgrave ~ Luscious

Glasses by: Artilliri ~ Merideth {Black}

It’s Crazy Time Again!


Yup, it’s the Mad Hatters Mid Week Madness Sale @ KaTnipZ Wonderland! And that means that every participating designer for this special 2 day sale has put something out for you on their porch at Wonderland! All those special items marked with the Mad Hatters Hat are priced at only 40L!  Yup, it’s a damn steal when you see what you have the chance to get! Maybe it’s something in the water at wonderland, I don’t know! But you better take advantage of these deals before there gone! Remember the Mid Week Madness Sale @ KaTnipZ Wonderland only lasts 2 days!!!!

.S&C. The Hottest Chick ____OhLaLa ___Pink Sugah Pic  for MHM {Capacious} Leslie Dress - Poster {PO} Mad Hatter Special Almost Wonderland Damned Dolls DaZeD DeZineZ Love Me Aqua Dream of Me Blue EBMod - ChewToy v1.1 Advert Elegant Goth LOORDES OF LONDON-BALLERINA FLATS-NAVY&OLIVE 1 MadHattersDressPic ModaMia Long Stars Bell Bottom Jumper Sacred Dreams ToXiC HiGh-- ToXiC Jeans [Two Tone Denim] AD 40L TRS UP ALL NIGHT ADD FOR SOULED OUT

Mad Hatters Mid Week Madness Sale!! ~*~


We’re all a little MAD at KaTnipZ Wonderland! That means crazy savings for you! So here’s the deal. Two days…starting TODAY, every participating designer at KaTnipZ Wonderland during the Mad Hatters Mid Week Madness Sale has set out a special item for only 40L. That’s it! Are they crazy or what?? Nope, only a little Mad! You’ll find the item by looking for the cute little Mad Hatter Hat slapped on the Vender!

But this sale isn’t going to last! You only have 2 days! So hurry up and get your butts on down to Wonderland!

1151070_490960750995675_125206261_nLook for the HAT! Can’t beat Dat!

MHM1Almost Wonderland!

MHMWicked Sin Creations

MHM2Dazed Dezinez


MHM4Czarny Kanarek

MHM5Forbidden Closet Designs

MHM6Toxic High

MHM7Sugar & Cyanide

MHM8Damned Dolls

MHM9Sacred Dreams


MHM11Loordes of London

MHM12The Elegant Goth

MHM13Moda Mia

MHM14Weird Gears





{PO} Blue Camo DressPrincess Oddities