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Mad Hatters Midweek @ KaTnipZ Wonderland!!


It’s the Mad Hatters Midweek Sale @ KaTnipZ Wonderland! And that means that oodles of your favorite designers have set out special items for you at the insane price of 40L! Yup, only 40L! But the Mad Hatter Sale at Wonderland only lasts 2 days! So hurry on down to the Wonderland Sim, and check out all the designer stores that have the little Mad Hatter Hat on their vendors to get the special deals!

^WSC^ Witch _Black_Red_ {Mesh} Blah Cap Cute little hatter DBF DD FCD ModaMia OhLALA Que Bella S&C SD SO TheP!nk Bandaid-  BeGentle Necklace Titsup ToXiC HiGh-- Blue Heart Titty Top Outfit Weds Sale

Alice’s Nifty 50 Sale!!


Your gonna wanna head down to KaTnipZ Wonderland this week to take part in the very FIRST “Alice’s Nifty 50” sale. Over 20 out of this world Designers all over the sim that have put out stuff marked down by 50%. Yup, during this amazing 10 day sale, specially tagged items are knocked down by 50%! That includes those all NEW & Nifty Phat Azz designs, by several designers. And all these items are marked down to special prices that you’ll never, ever see again. So head on down to wonderland and look for the NIFTY 50 Sign on all the stores and carts for those great deals!

Alice'sNifty50 copyToXiC HiGh-- Funk Punk Outfit Blue Strip Rainbow Nifty50 TaTToo Farandole Of Star VG 1 GM TaTToo & Applier Chest Love Kiss VG1 GM Sacred Dreams Pink Acid Open Mouth & Ombre Lips V2 8 pack promo photo Pink Acid Juniper Lip Gloss 6 Pack promo photo OHLALA Loordes of London-Jersey Shore-Jacket Set-Red Loordes of London-Jersey Shore-Jacket Set-Purple 1 Lingerie Delicious Alice 1024 512 Knockers Fulana's Exquisite skin collection plus shape Raven Face#10 AD EBMod - Neko Collar - White_Purple DaZeD DeZineZ Legend Unisex Pants Zebra DaZeD DeZineZ Eleanor Stars Black BlahblahBlah Besieged - SB - Anarchy Sneakers - All - 50% Nifty Sale Barely Legal AAA STUDDS PNIK ADD AAA STUDDS BLACK ADD {PO} Nifty Fifty _EZ'S_ FLOWER PASTIES PACK {LOLA TANGOS} {05-21-2013} _EZ'S_ {SLINK HUDS AD} SET SAIL {08-25-2013} ^Wicked Sin Creations^ Fight _White_ {Mesh} ^Wicked Sin Creations Mix _Red_ {Mesh} [trs]PocketDenim_Vendor [DBF] Faith skin and shape #12 .__Pink Sugah__. Alice's Nifty 50 _3