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Catch the Fire



  Left to Right:  Outfit 1: Caribbean Mist Dress {w/Appliers} by: Purple Candy @ The Boobies Planet

Outfit 2: Gaia Pants Set {Outfit comes with: Top, Pants, Earrings & Necklace, & Appliers} by: Indyra Originals @ The Boobies Planet

Outfit 3: Summer Time {Shown in Chrome, w/Appliers} by: Rotten Defiance @ The Boobies Show

Outfit 4: Hoist Anchor Maritime Dress {w/Appliers} by: B!asta @ The Boobies Planet

BP1Pearl Starry Headband by: Rotten Defiance @ Perfect Wardrobe

This & That:

Outfit 1: Hair by: Truth ~ Alexis

Bracelets by: Maxi Gossamer ~ Monaco Nights

Ring by: Yummy ~ Winter Flower

Piercing by: Phoebe ~ Nose Spiral

Breasts by: Lolas ~ Tango

Heels by: Monnier ~ Dark Pumps

Outfit 2:

Hair by: Truth ~ Tristana

Tattoo by: K-Tattoo ~ Sweet Sin

Heels by: Demented Dreamworx ~ Gold Spring ~ Open Toe

Outfit 3:

Hair by: Truth ~ Cyanne

Tattoo by: Neechee ~ Leo Black

Bracelets & Ring by: The Sea Hole ~ Corsage

Boots by: Hollyweird ~ Banged Boots {Grey}

Outfit 4:

Hair by: Truth ~ Cheyenne

Shoes by: Fashionably Dead ~ Buckled Boots {Black}

Glasses by: Sugar Buttons Boutique ~ Razzle Dazzle Blue


Share Songs Of Spring and Sky



Floral Rose Mesh Dress & Heels by: Killa DesignZ only @ Pre-Release

Spring Charm Bracelets & Necklace {w/re-sizer, & color change metals} by: Pomposity only @ Pre-Release



Booty Shorts by: Pink Acid only @ Kawaii Fair

Trendy Kitty Hoodie by: Butterfly Effect Designs only @ Kawaii Fair

Princess Crown by: Sugar Buttons Boutique only @ Kawaii Fair

Bird Prop and Pose {Fly Pack} by: Elephante Poses only @ Pre-Release

LipCandy by: Pink Acid only @ Kawaii Fair

Cookie Jar {Vanilla Frost} Glasses by: Sugar Buttons Boutique only @ Kawaii Fair


Meli Outfit by: Masoom only @ Kawaii Fair


Black Spiked Snakeskin Heels by: Demented DreamWorx only @ Pre-Release


MotherEarth Ladies Tee by: Fiend only @ Pre-Release


Princess Corset {Cupcake} by: PopTart only @ Kawaii Fair

Princess Tutu {Pink Dot} by: PopTart only @ Kawaii Fair

This & That:

Photo 1-2 Hair by: D!va ~ Mimi {Cats Eye}

Skin by: My Ugly Dorothy

Tat by: S(and)P ~ Cute as a Ladybug

Lashes by: Redgrave

Photo 3: Hair by: Wasabi Pills ~ Claire {Vanilla Pudding}

Nails & Ring by: Candy Nail ~ Tea Time {Gacha}

Photo 6 Hair by: D!va ~ Natsuki2 {Amber Type B}

Skirt by: League ~ Nomad Maxi Skirt {Dipped Green}

Photo 7 Hair by: Wasabi Pills ~ Joy {Crystal Violet}

It’s Designers Choice, at Pre-Release


It’s designers choice at the Pre-Release event room, which means there’s is so many different styles and items to shop for this session. Everything at low and introductory prices! From clothing, to accessories, skins, and poses! So head on down to Pre-Release today and see what the designers have created especially for you!


Anu Outfit {Shown in White, and includes Hat, Skirt & Swimsuit. Can be worn w/ or w/o coverup skirt!} by: Masoom only @ Pre-Release


Asymmetric¬† Ruffled Jungle Mini Dress {Blue} by: Kaithleen’s only @ Pre-Release


La Luna Dress {w/ corset, shrug, & eyeshadow included} by: D&G Fashions only @ Pre-Release


Surfacing Pose Collection & Mesh Mermaid Tail by: Elephante Poses only @ Pre-Release

This & That:

Skin in Photos 1-3 by: LAQ ~ Elena {05 Pale Glow}

Sunglasses by: Chrysalis

Mesh Feet by: Demented DreamWorx

Hair in Photos 1-2 by: Tableau Vivant ~ Hathaway {Snow}

Jewelry by: Designs by Sebastian ~ Midnight Opal

Nails by: Virtual/Insanity ~ Essential {White}

Hair in Photo 3 by: Boudoir ~ Baroque {Silver}

Hair in Photo 4 by: Emo-tions ~ Aquaria {Brown}

Mermaid Headpiece & Tattooing by: SoliDea Folies

Shoppin for Spring Goodies


Lots of Spring Goodies for you this session at Pre-Release. With outfits, accessories, skins & more, and nothing over 125 L. So if your lookin for super deals from great designers, look no further then Pre-Release!


Ella Mesh Dress by: AvaGirl only @ Pre-Release

Leather Open Toe Heels {3 pack, shown in Choco} by: Demented Dreamworx only @ Pre-Release


Spring Fever Ladybug Rings & Earrings by: Pomposity only @ Pre-Release

This & That:

Hair by: Vanity ~ Bitter Sweet {Light Blondes}

Nails by: Virtual/Insanity ~ Sir Hiss

Necklace by: Tentacio

Skin by: Modish ~ Pepina-Kite

Bow by: Y&R ~ Big Bow Headband

Glasses by: T.C ~ Kawaii Glasses {Black}


The Boobies Planet is Where it’s at!


Looking for skin or clothing to go with your Prim or Mesh Breasts? Then the Boobies Planet is where it’s at. Lots of freaking fantastic designers offering outfits, and skins for your wearing pleasure. The Boobies planet event offers low introductory prices for fashions that you cannot get anywhere else. So come on down and check out those sexy threads!


Good Girl outfit {Includes Mesh Skirt, Top, and Appliers} by: Infamous only @ The Boobies Planet

Spring Gown

Spring Gown {Blue Belle} by: PixyStix only @ The Boobies Planet

Skin Featured in all photos is {Gabriella – Pink Spring} by: PixyStix only @ The Boobies Planet



Tiffany Bikini {White} (Includes Appliers) by: D’Noir only @ The Boobies Planet

This & That:

Hair by: D!va ~ D!va2 {Platinum}

Accessories by: Tentacio {Nancy Bag -Gray}

Nails by: Virtual/Insanity ~ Sir Hiss {Blue}

Mesh Feet by: Demented DreamWorx ~ Rigged Mesh {Tip Toe} Passion

Easter is Early at Pre-Release!


Well, Easter has started early over at Pre-Release. This is a perfect time to get your Easter shopping groove on, and pick up those items, and accessories for all those grid wide egg hunts coming up. You’ll just love the special holiday themed items that were created for “you” the shoppers in mind. Like Demented DreamWorx’s Bad Bunny, that comes in the colors of Blue and Pink. This spiffy little buddy comes with an interesting vocabulary at his disposal that’s sure to bring a few laughs. Just click him to hear what he’s got to say!

Also, four fabulous & festive Easter themed skins brought to you by Mystic Canvass. The beautiful blue toned skins come in differing variations perfect for different items and accessories. For your mixing pleasure there’s also different cleavage sizes and a complimentary shape!

You also won’t want to miss this beautiful Easter textured under-bust Corset brought to you by FireBird Designs. The corset is mesh and there is a demo located at Pre-Release so you can try before you buy! Corset comes complete with both the corset, and corset skirt pieces.


Pastel Passion Under-Bust Corset by: FireBird Designs only @ Pre-Release

Bad Bunny Pink Shoulder Pet by: Demented DreamWorx only @ Pre-Release


Kambila Easter Skins {Blue} by: Mystic Canvass only @ Pre-Release

And what Easter celebration would be complete without those bunny ears! Zozicon has gone a step further and created two fantastically dark and delicious pairs of bunny ear masks. There is a Black version, and a Pink! The detail of the tiny earrings on each ear has to be seen to be believed! Simply gorgeous! You’ll love these bunny ear masks!

BlackMaster Copy

Dusty Black Bunny Mask by: Zozicon only @ Pre-Release

Pink MasterCopy

Dusty Pink Bunny Mask by: Zozicon only @ Pre-Release

Non Pre-Release Items:

All Skins by: Mystic Canvass

Hair in Photo 1-2 by: Wasabi Pills ~ Jamie {Crystal Violet}

Bunny Lipstick in Photo 1-2 by: MF

Nails by: Candy Nail ~ Hailstone Peach

Hair in Photo 3 by: Boudoir ~ Sweet Iris {Black}

Hair in Photo 4 by: Kleineschwein Designs {Pink}

Razor by: Su Xue Design ~ Jilet Razorblade

It’s the Great Bunnah!


There are such an enourmous amount of stories and tales about a bunnah that is beyond colossal if to be believed. He’s known as nothing other then “The Great Bunnah.” So of course I took it upon myself to investigate with a little bunnah of my own. To my astonishing shock, my bunnah compadre and I (who has a wicked sense of humor by the way) stumbled upon the Great Bunnah lazing in a wildflower meadow. We said howdy to his Great Bunniness, but to our dismay he did not appear intelligent enough to speak. No matter, because my bunnah took it upon himself to fill in the silence with a few choice, and colorful words to match the day. We walked away smiling at our cleverness. It was a good day!


Jazmin Red Outfit by: Hot Stuff {New Release}

Bad Bunny{Pink} – Special Preview from Demented DreamWorx for the Upcoming Easter Session of Pre-Release

This & That:

Hair by: D!va ~ Flora {Topaz-Type B}

Boots by: Noya ~ Badgal Black Boots

Necklace by: [Glow] Studio ~ Retro Double Clock