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Rabbit Hole Sales Room!


New round of Rabbit Hole Sales Room has started. Two weeks with lots of nifty neato designers who’ve created special items for 50L or less! So head on down the Rabbit Hole and check those deals out!




Mad Hatters Midweek Sales @ Wonderland!!


It’s the Mad Hatters Midweek Sale @ KaTnipZ Wonderland! That means tons of your favorite designers have left out something special for you on their porches at Wonderland, at the super LOW price of 40L! Yup, only 40L! But don’t wait to get on down to the Wonderland Sim, the Mad Hatters Sale only lasts 2 days, starting today!

^Wicked Sin Creations^ Loose Cheesy MHM {PO} MHM BLAH Cap Cute little hatter DD FCD ModaMia HeartBreaker Bikini1 OhLA S&C Sacred Dreams-No Return Ad SouledOut TheP!nk Bandaid-  BeGentle Necklace ToXiC HiGh-- Jumper [Gothic Teal] VampEEMHMPic

Rabbit Hole Sales Room


RHFreedom Dress {Shown in Yellow w/Appliers} by: Newtique @ Rabbit Hole Sales Room

Sunglasses by: HollyHood @ Rabbit Hole Sales Room

Dangerous Patent Leather Shoes {Shown in Black/Gold} by: HollyHood @ Rabbit Hole Sales Room

RH2Black Couture Class Purse {Also comes in White!} by: HollyHood @ Rabbit Hole Sales Room

Spoiled Bow Ring {Shown in Green} by: Baubles @ Rabbit Hole Sales Room

Charmed Bracelets by: Baubles @ Rabbit Hole Sales Room

RH1Unshed Tears Eye Gems by: Baubles @ Rabbit Hole Sales Room

POPurple Camo Bikini by: Princess Oddities @ Rabbit Hole Sales Room

RH3Elegant Satin Chemise Outfit {Outfit comes w/ Chemise, Stockings, Gloves, Shoes, Necklace, & Bracelet} by: Souled Out @ Rabbit Hole Sales Room

This & That:

Reading Glasses by: Sugar Buttons Boutique ~ Super Nerd Glasses

Candy Factory ~*~ Round 2 ~*~


Heads up ya’ll, the second round of The Candy Factory is just about to begin! This round starts on August the 1st, and will run until the 14th! That means you can get some amazing items and designs from lots of super cool designers at amazing prices. Not only that, there are even some special gifties for you that are absolutely free! You’ll never know whats there unless you check it out! So move your tushy, and head on down to the Candy Factory on the 1st!


CFThe “Risky” set {Yes, like in Risky Business!} w/open button down shirt, panties, & socks by: Dondi’s Doodads @ The Candy Factory

Vintage Chaise {w/ vintage cigarette, & lovely vintage poses} by: Co*Motion @ The Candy Factory

CF1Retro Flash Dance Outfit by: Toxic High @ The Candy Factory

CF2Foxy Halter Dress & Boots {Very Retro Mod!!} by: Pure @ The Candy Factory

CF3Glass Tile Hipster Bangles by: Baubles @ The Candy Factory

Retro Rings {Two Different types!} by: Baubles @ The Candy Factory

This & That:

Skin by: Modish ~ Sylva {Cream, Db, CL}

Lashes by: Redgrave ~ Luscious

Eyes by: Honey Pang

Hands by: Slink ~ Elegante

Lustful Blush by: Sour Pickles

Tattoo by: Little Pricks ~ Kismet

Tights by: SongBird ~ White Dipped Tights {Pink}

Glasses by: Strawberry Jam {Wonderland Glasses}

Feeb’s Rascals St. Sales!


Feeb'sZhora Outfit {Outfit comes with Pink Knit Sweter, Floral Flip Skirt, and Pink Plaid Heels w/Hud} by: GiuliaDesign @ Feeb’s Rascals St.

Kamila Bloom Skin {Tan w/o Clev} by: Panda Punx @ Feeb’s Rascals St.

Mesh Black Shore Sunglasses {Glasses come with in Hair or on Face options, showing in Hair} by: HollyHood @ Feeb’s Rascals St.

Paige Stilettos {Shown in Hot Pink} by: Felicity @ Feeb’s Rascals St.

This & That:

Hair: Didlane

Eyes by: NoirOptix ~ Lime Green

Lashes by: Redgrave ~ Luscious

Mesh Hands by: Slink ~ Casual

Feeb's1Ysa Leather Shorts & Cutout Blouse Set {Poppies} by: Pure @ Feeb’s Rascals St.

This & That:

Glasses by: Sugar Buttons Boutique ~ Nerd Specs {Orange}

Eyes by: AntZ ~ Two Color Eyes {Orange-Green}

Lipstick by: Modish ~ CupidSis {Oranges}

Jewelry & Headband by: Rotten Defiance ~Starfish Beaded Headband & Rings

Shoes by: LW ~ Crushers {Noir}

Stockings by: Erratic ~ Striped Socks {Black Orange}

Feeb's2Sporty Romper {Navy} by: Kaithleen’s @ Feeb’s Rascals St.

This & That:

Hair by: Clawtooth ~ Velvet Moon

Glasses by: Sugar Buttons Boutique ~ Nerd Specs {Blue}

Lipstick by: Modish ~ CupidSis {Sky Blue}

Piercing by: Phoebe ~ Nose Spiral

Tattoo by: Utophia ~ Rockabilly

Shoes by: Candy Crunchers ~ Slip-on’s {Navy}

Pure Energy


PureSummer Heat Outfit {Comes with High Waisted Skirt & Top, w/Applier Option, & Choice of Dark or Light Buttons by: Sugar & Cyanide @ Pure Sales Room

Paparazzi Bangles by: Baubles @ Pure Sales Room

Beaded Tigers Gem Necklace by: Rainbow’s Custom Jewelry @ Pure Sales Room

Regalia Pumps {Shown in Olive} by: Loordes of London @ Pure Sales Room

Teorewai Tattoo by: Boss Tattoo @ Pure Sales Room

Above Poses by: Starry Heaven {Showing Hikari & Momo} @ Pure Sales Room

Pure1Spank Me Dress {Shown in Pink w/Appliers & Spank Mark Tattoo} by: Tits Up @ Pure Sales Room

Regalia Pumps {Shown in Orchid by: Loordes of London @ Pure Sales Room

Pure2Peter Hoodie & Jeans Outfit {Shown in Purple} by: Blahblahblah @ Pure Sales Room

This & That:

Photo 1:

Hair by: D!va ~ Jina

Stockings by: The Secret Store ~ Bambo

Mesh Breasts by: Lolas ~ Tango

Photo 3:

Hair by: Exile ~ Miu

Skin by: The Skinnery ~ Sasha {Spring-Toffee}

Shoes by: Tentacio ~ Kawaii Sneakers {Blue}

Tattoo by: : Little Pricks ~ Love Birds