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Mad Hatters Midweek @ KaTnipZ Wonderland!!


It’s the Mad Hatters Midweek Sale @ KaTnipZ Wonderland! And that means that oodles of your favorite designers have set out special items for you at the insane price of 40L! Yup, only 40L! But the Mad Hatter Sale at Wonderland only lasts 2 days! So hurry on down to the Wonderland Sim, and check out all the designer stores that have the little Mad Hatter Hat on their vendors to get the special deals!

^WSC^ Witch _Black_Red_ {Mesh} Blah Cap Cute little hatter DBF DD FCD ModaMia OhLALA Que Bella S&C SD SO TheP!nk Bandaid-  BeGentle Necklace Titsup ToXiC HiGh-- Blue Heart Titty Top Outfit Weds Sale

Mad Hatters Midweek Sale @ KaTnipZ Wonderland!


It’s that time of the week again! The Mad Hatters Midweek Sale has started on KaTnipZ Wonderland! That means bunches of our super talented Wonderland designers have left out something really super special for you on their porches at Wonderland for only 40L! Yup, only 40L! But the Mad Hatters sale only lasts for 2 days, starting today! So get on down to Wonderland and check out these insane deals!

1151070_490960750995675_125206261_n^Wicked Sin Creations^ Loose Cheesy MHM Blah Cap Cute little hatter DD FCD ModaMia Newtique OhLALA Princess QueBella S&C Sacred Dreams-No Return Ad TheP!nk Bandaid-  BeGentle Necklace Titsup ToXiC HiGh-- Queen Dress Corset [Black Widow] MHM TRS WILD FLOWER PURPLE BOOT ADDToXiC HiGh-- Queen Dress Corset [Black Widow] MHM

Boobies, Boobies, Everywhere!


BP3Jackie Shirt {Shown in White, also comes in Black, both with Appliers} by: Que Bella @ The Boobies Planet

BPSo Hot Outfit {Shown in Purple w/ Appliers} by: Purple Candy @ The Boobies Planet

BP1Habika Blue {Outfit includes Boots, & Appliers} by: Busty Boutique @ The Boobies Planet

BP2Skully Trip Outfit by: Forbidden Closet @ The Boobies Planet

This & That:

Skin by: Essences ~ Whisper {Forgive me, Light Rose}

Mesh Breasts by: Lolas {Tango}

Mesh Hands by: Slink

Flower Skirt by: The Secret Store {Lady Swing Skirt- Jumbo Flowers}

Hand Bag by: Pure Poison

Bracelets by: Pure Poison

Ring by: Virtual/Insanity {Poka Dot-Blue}

Glasses by: Artilliri ~ Meredith {Black}

It’s Rainin Sugah from the Sky!


Yep it’s a Pink Sugah day.. and that sweet, sweet, stuff is waiting for you at Forbidden Closet¬† where you can get your St. Paddy’s day threads for both His & Hers! Also don’t miss this Wednesdays¬† GFW down at the Jersey Shore where you’ll find this sweet and sinful Doll Lingerie, but it’s a one day only deal!


St. Paddy’s Day Tees for Him & Her by: Pink Sugah @ Forbidden Closet


St. Paddy’s Day Tee’s Available in different styles!



Doll Lingerie {Lacey – Shown in White} by: Pink Sugah @ GFW , One Day ONLY Special!!

This & That:

Female Skin by: Modish ~ Seane {Crema} New Release

Female Hair by: Clawtooth ~ Velvet Moon {Red Eye Flight}

Antlers by: Rotten Defiance ~ My Favorite Antlers {Light Green} St. Paddy’s Group Gift

Female Shoes by: Fishy Strawberry ~ Over the Mountain Boots {Burnt}

Shamrock by: Witches & Rats ~ Just for the Luck Mouthie

Male Skin by: The Body Co. {Ash -3 Light}

Facial Hair by: Emortal Concepts ~ Black Chin Curtain