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Zinnias at The 24!!


ZInnias is at The 24, and right now you can get some of the neatest new Southwestern styled releases across the grid there! From an exclusive limited edition Southwestern styled rocking chair with beautiful vibrant colors, to an awesome brand new patio set! So head on down to The 24 and check out ZInnias specials!

ZinniasCasa De Verano Patio Set {Set comes with Lounge chair, arm chair, chest & patio table {Rocking Chair & Yucca planet are exclusives to The 24, & Hassock Pouffe is a special gifty!}

Zinnias1Exclusive Rocking Chair & Free Hassock Pouffe Gifty!

Zinnias2Beautiful Zinnias detail in colors and patterns!



Candy Factory ~*~ Round 2 ~*~


Heads up ya’ll, the second round of The Candy Factory is just about to begin! This round starts on August the 1st, and will run until the 14th! That means you can get some amazing items and designs from lots of super cool designers at amazing prices. Not only that, there are even some special gifties for you that are absolutely free! You’ll never know whats there unless you check it out! So move your tushy, and head on down to the Candy Factory on the 1st!


CFThe “Risky” set {Yes, like in Risky Business!} w/open button down shirt, panties, & socks by: Dondi’s Doodads @ The Candy Factory

Vintage Chaise {w/ vintage cigarette, & lovely vintage poses} by: Co*Motion @ The Candy Factory

CF1Retro Flash Dance Outfit by: Toxic High @ The Candy Factory

CF2Foxy Halter Dress & Boots {Very Retro Mod!!} by: Pure @ The Candy Factory

CF3Glass Tile Hipster Bangles by: Baubles @ The Candy Factory

Retro Rings {Two Different types!} by: Baubles @ The Candy Factory

This & That:

Skin by: Modish ~ Sylva {Cream, Db, CL}

Lashes by: Redgrave ~ Luscious

Eyes by: Honey Pang

Hands by: Slink ~ Elegante

Lustful Blush by: Sour Pickles

Tattoo by: Little Pricks ~ Kismet

Tights by: SongBird ~ White Dipped Tights {Pink}

Glasses by: Strawberry Jam {Wonderland Glasses}

Feeb’s Rascals St. Sales!


Feeb'sZhora Outfit {Outfit comes with Pink Knit Sweter, Floral Flip Skirt, and Pink Plaid Heels w/Hud} by: GiuliaDesign @ Feeb’s Rascals St.

Kamila Bloom Skin {Tan w/o Clev} by: Panda Punx @ Feeb’s Rascals St.

Mesh Black Shore Sunglasses {Glasses come with in Hair or on Face options, showing in Hair} by: HollyHood @ Feeb’s Rascals St.

Paige Stilettos {Shown in Hot Pink} by: Felicity @ Feeb’s Rascals St.

This & That:

Hair: Didlane

Eyes by: NoirOptix ~ Lime Green

Lashes by: Redgrave ~ Luscious

Mesh Hands by: Slink ~ Casual

Feeb's1Ysa Leather Shorts & Cutout Blouse Set {Poppies} by: Pure @ Feeb’s Rascals St.

This & That:

Glasses by: Sugar Buttons Boutique ~ Nerd Specs {Orange}

Eyes by: AntZ ~ Two Color Eyes {Orange-Green}

Lipstick by: Modish ~ CupidSis {Oranges}

Jewelry & Headband by: Rotten Defiance ~Starfish Beaded Headband & Rings

Shoes by: LW ~ Crushers {Noir}

Stockings by: Erratic ~ Striped Socks {Black Orange}

Feeb's2Sporty Romper {Navy} by: Kaithleen’s @ Feeb’s Rascals St.

This & That:

Hair by: Clawtooth ~ Velvet Moon

Glasses by: Sugar Buttons Boutique ~ Nerd Specs {Blue}

Lipstick by: Modish ~ CupidSis {Sky Blue}

Piercing by: Phoebe ~ Nose Spiral

Tattoo by: Utophia ~ Rockabilly

Shoes by: Candy Crunchers ~ Slip-on’s {Navy}

Get Your Sexy Nerd On at Rotten Defiance


RDSWStar Wars Is My Girlfriend {Hunt Outfit for HIM} & Artoo Dress w/Appliers {Hunt Outfit for HER} by: Rotten Defiance for Sexy Nerd Hunt

This & That:


Skin by: Belleza ~ Ewan

Hair by: Wasabi Pills ~ Zack {Black}

Shoes by: Asylum ~ Psychotic Slip On’s


Hair by: Truth ~ Alexis {Babyblue}

Skin by: Hush ~ Addison {Flirty Blue} Sugar Db

Lashes by: Redgrave ~ Elemental

Face Tattoo by: Little Pricks ~ Chemicals Collide

Piercing by: Hollyweird ~ PC4 {Unisex}

Hands by: Slink ~ Casual

Stockings by: GW ~ T-Ease Socks

Boots by: LW ~ Crushers {Noir}

The Hopscotcher


Me and my sweet panda bear the I’ve lovingly named “Meep” are about to head out to “The Funny Puppet Fair“. But first I hadda teach her some mad Hopscotch skillz, you know, show her how it’s done! That way we’ll be super set when we get to the fair!

And you can get your own Panda Bear, plus lots of sweet dolly and puppet treats and clothes at the fair too, cause it’s opening day! Don’t miss out on the cutest fair this summer. Hurry on down to the Funny Puppet fair!

HopscotchPanda Outfit {Includes: Sweater Dress, Pants, Shoes, Socks, Glasses, & walking sticks} By: NS Cutie Shapes *A Funny Puppet Fair Exclusive*

Cute Panda Fabric Doll {Wearable w/poses!} by: LavandaChic *A Funny Puppet Fair Exclusive*

This & That:

Hair by: Vanity Hair ~ Visionaire {Teal}

Skin by: Modish ~ Dollz {Cream-Db} *A Funny Puppet Fair Exclusive*

Faun Face Makeup by: Half-Deer

Tattoo by: URCO ~ Save an Owl

Pose & Hopscotch Court by: Laura Liberty

Zen Appeal at the Home & Garden Expo


It’s the first day of the Home & Garden Expo, and there is just so many things to see and builders to check out. So many Sims to explore! The previews I’m showing you today from the expo have a distinct Asian flair, and are just some lovely examples of some of the many treasures that are in store for you while shopping and hunting the expo.

Remember that the Home & Garden Expo is a special Relay For Life Charity event, and by purchasing from the specially marked RFL venders your adding your help to the fight against cancer! If you’d like to get more information about the 6th Annual Home & Garden Expo, or see map locations of stores participating in this fabulous event, you can get it here!


Pani/Japanese Styled Dining Set~ {Set includes thatched mat, folding screen, pillows, food, and tea service} by: Roawenwood {Home & Garden Expo}

Wooden Cabinet {Shown in Redwood} by: Bauwerk {Home & Garden Expo}

Lonesome Pine {Painting & Easel w/pinecone & plant} by: Chiana Oh {Home & Garden Expo Hunt Prize}

Decorative Art-book Stacks by: Bauwerk {Home & Garden Expo}

Decorative Vases & Pottery by: Bauwerk {Home & Garden Expo}


Closeup of Japanese Dining Set by: Roawenwood {Home & Garden Expo}


Mid-Century Sofa by: Dekute Dekore {Home & Garden Expo}

Mid-Century Armchair by: Dekute Dekore {Home & Garden Expo}

Books & Wine by: ChiC Buildings {Home & Garden Expo}

Pitcher of Tulips {Shown in Lavender} by: %Percent% {Home & Garden Expo}

Lounger Side Table by: Bauwerk {Home & Garden Expo}

Movie Projector by: Cleo Design {Home & Garden Hunt Prize}

Pine Wooden Coffee Table by: Cleo Design {Home & Garden Hunt Prize}

Laptop by: Patron

Potted Weeping Vine by: Patron

Floor Rug by: Arizona


All home furnishings and interiors are featured inside *Chimera Japanese House* by: InVerse





The Whisper of Satin at Hollywood The Event


Immerse yourself in splendor and the luxurious feel of satin with Firebird Designs at “Hollywood” The Event. The beautiful MESH burgundy Red Carpet Gown will make you feel like a queen, or the star of the runways. With the elegant sparkle of the sequins & gemstone studded bustier this dress is perfect for any formal affair. The gown comes in 5 standard mesh sizes, and is complete with the brilliant ruby leaf necklace shown, and matching heeled sandals.


Burgundy Red Carpet Gown by: FireBird Designs only @ Hollywood

And while your visiting FireBird Designs at the Hollywood Event, don’t overlook the excellent SwagBag Gift from this Designer! This beautiful Feather Peacock gown could be yours just for stopping by! Not something you want to miss!


Peacock Feather Gown by: FireBird Designs {SwagBag Gift} @ Hollywood

This & That:

Hair by: D!va ~ Flora {Topaz}

Skin by: LAQ ~ Elena {5-Pale Glow}

Jewelry in Photo 2 by: Designs by Sebastian {Midnight Opal}

Peacock Gloves by: Gizza