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Firebird Designs @ Feeb’s Rascals St!


FBDMesh Strapless Lace Mini Dress & Boots! {Shown in White} by: FireBird Designs @ Feeb’s Rascals St.

FBD1Mesh Strapless Lace Mini Dress & Boots! {Shown in Black} by: FireBird Designs @ Feeb’s Rascals St.

This & That:

Skin by: Modish ~ Iva {Cream}

Hands by: Slink

Necklace by: Glow Studio

Lashes by: Redgrave ~ Elemental


The 100 Block


Just one more day until the “100 Block” Fair begins! A fusion of Fashion, Art, & Music, brought to you by Depraved Nation, and from the previews I’ve seen so far, it’s sure to be a blast. Like straight to the moon! And you bet, I’ve got some previews for ya from Masoom, Modish, & HollyWeird! Remember, the 100 Block Fair starts on the 10th and will run till the 31, so there’s plenty of time for you to check out all your favorite designers!

100 Block 1x1 Flier Green Final


Anika Mesh Dress in Pink by: Masoom only @ 100 Block


Skin Featured in all Photos is Iva {Dune – DB} by: Modish only @ 100 Block

Dimpled Piercing {w/ color change hud} by: HollyWeird only @ 100 Block


Anika Mesh Dress in other colors from Left to Right: {Gem, Copper, Blue, Black} by: Masoom only @ 100 Block

This & That:

Hair by: Vanity ~ Delicate {Light Blondes}

Necklace by: [glow] studio ~ Double Retro Clock {Gold}

Bag by: RO ~ Clutch {Black}

Shoes by: Killa DesignZ ~ Black Pumps

Lashes by: Redgrave ~ Elemental

Eyes by: NoirOptix ~ Arctic Blue

EyeShadow by: D-Style ~ Smoky

Bright Day


Bright Day

Pink Chemise Dress {Mesh} by: DRBC only @ Pre-Release

Crushers Platform Boots {Noir} by: Lindsey Warwick {LW}

This & That:

Hair by: Exile ~ Daniela

Jewelry by: [glow] Studio ~ Indian Summer (Ring & Earrings) Necklace by: Just You Jewel’s {My Key}

Skin by: Modish ~ Mya {Group Gift for May}

Makeup by: LpD ~ WaterMelon {Eyeshadow & Lipstick}

Nails by: Virtual/Insanity ~ Lacey Spring

Tat by: Catastrophe ~ Retro Jerry

Modish & Pre-Release, Designers Choice!


So I’m filled with giddiness and happy thoughts today because there’s a new Group Gift down over at Modish, and I just love, loveeee Modish skins. Can’t even say that enough! The new group gift skin is called Pepina- Kite, and comes in the skin tone of Crema {Shown in the Photos}. Pepina- Kite has a cleavage, and no cleavage option and it’s all yours just for being a Modish group member! But that ain’t all, nope. Modish has released some yummy new lipsticks over at the Soho Sample Sale too! I’m wearing PopMe Lip Set A, and it’s a red that stops traffic I tell ya! So don’t miss out on gettin to see the new lipstick sets from Modish!

Also a new round of Pre-Release has started, and this session the pick for creations is Designers Choice! That means all the super amazing designers and creators of Pre-Release have come up with a wide variety of fashions, poses, and accessories just for you! So to start out the previews of whats in store, here’s a look at Firebird Designs, Phoebe, & DRBC!


School Girl Outfit {Black} by: FireBird Designs only @ Pre-Release

Scorpion Necklace & Earrings {color of gems & metal changeable} by: Phoebe only @ Pre-Release

Pepina-Kite Skin {Crema Cl} by: Modish *New Group Gifty!*

PopMe Lipstick {Set A} by: Modish @ Soho Sample Sale


Ruby Gypsy {Mesh Dress} by: DRBC only @ Pre-Release

This & That:

Photo 1:

Hair by: LaViere ~ Ambush

Boots by: GOS ~ Triumph Boots {Black}

Belly Piercing by: Phoebe ~ M4 {Silver -9 Gems}

Photo 2:

Hair by: Lamb ~ Bang Bang BoB {Blood Pack}

Tat by: Hysteria ~ Freedom?

Necklace by: [Glow] Studio ~ Retro Double Clock

Nails by: Mandala ~ {Milky – Hawthorn Red}

It’s the Great Bunnah!


There are such an enourmous amount of stories and tales about a bunnah that is beyond colossal if to be believed. He’s known as nothing other then “The Great Bunnah.” So of course I took it upon myself to investigate with a little bunnah of my own. To my astonishing shock, my bunnah compadre and I (who has a wicked sense of humor by the way) stumbled upon the Great Bunnah lazing in a wildflower meadow. We said howdy to his Great Bunniness, but to our dismay he did not appear intelligent enough to speak. No matter, because my bunnah took it upon himself to fill in the silence with a few choice, and colorful words to match the day. We walked away smiling at our cleverness. It was a good day!


Jazmin Red Outfit by: Hot Stuff {New Release}

Bad Bunny{Pink} – Special Preview from Demented DreamWorx for the Upcoming Easter Session of Pre-Release

This & That:

Hair by: D!va ~ Flora {Topaz-Type B}

Boots by: Noya ~ Badgal Black Boots

Necklace by: [Glow] Studio ~ Retro Double Clock

Saturday fun at the Censored Birthday Fair!


Censored is celebrating it’s birthday in SL, and having a fabulously cute mini fair! There are cupcakes and cake, balloons, and you name it. There are plenty of great store stalls joining in the fun in the main stores courtyard. The mini Birthday fair is running from Nov 10-30. So come check it out and grab all the great deals and gifts to kick off Censored’s B-day!

Cool digs from the Censored Mini Birthday Fair

RnB Design’s Furniture Store~ Retro Painters set (Censored Mini Fair)

RnB Design’s Furniture Store~ Dakota Chair w/14 poses (Censored Mini fair 1L giftie!)

Additonals in photo~

Outfit by, LpD ~ Imagine Coat

Boots by, Fishy Strawberry ~ Over the Mountain (Burnt)

Hair by, Ploom ~ Julie

Skin by, Modish ~ DblSweet (Pale)

Paint Tattoo by, Kre-ations ~ Picture Explosion

Head Band by, Glow Studio ~ Mint Roses

Content Writer/Model ~ Djarum Eldritch

Panda Express & [glow] Studio


Style Sheet:

Pants by: Panda Express – Painted Pants (Graffiti Kitty)

Shirt by: LouLou&Co ~ Hawaii (3)

Skin by: Modish ~ SunKiss (clev) – DSH

Hair by: [glow] Studio ~ Pink/Blondes YHS (GSP Exclusive)

Shoes by: 20.Five ~ Flared (black)

Jewelery by: Just You Jewels ~ My Key (WTGH)

Precious Vicious Model/Content Writer: Djarum Eldritch