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Cirque Du Freak Hunt Starts Today!


Just the freakiest Hunt in SL, and just in time for all those Halloween plans of yours. This hunt features some of the best and strangest designers in SL showing you their all in a Dark Circus theme! Wanna see the line up and get all the hints? Check out the hunt site “KaTnipZ Events”

CirquePoster New

Oh!, The Horror! Take 2!


HHAmy Swirled Orange Sweater {includes undershirt} by: The Little Bat for Horror Haute

Zipper High Waisted Leather Jeans {shown in Chocolate} by: DRBC {New Release with Special Price!!}

OOPS, Didn’t See You! Hat by: House Of Knots for Horror Haute

HH1Event Horizon Dress {includes Mask/Helmet} by: ImmateriA for Horror Haute

HH2Bloody Feet Prints! Leave a trail of carnage as you walk! by: Czarny Kanarek {New Release!!}

HH3Introspection Tattoo by: Collisions for Horror Haute

HH4Intrigue Top {Midnight Snow} by: Riel for Horror Haute

The Horror Starts Tomorrow! Horror Haute <3


It’s a new round of Horror Haute, and all the Horror Haute Designers have outdone themselves yet again. Making merry monstrosities and madness just for you! So head on down to all the fantastically, freaky-fun Horror Haute Main-stores and see what specials they have waiting for you!

HHHoked Skull Outfit {includes tank dress, boots, pantyhose, & fedora} by: Gloomy Thought for Horror Haute!

Miss Jackson Dress {includes Dress w/Appliers *bloody, & non-bloody versions!, & shoes} by: Lamp*Light for Horror Haute!

HH1Samhain Pumpkin Skin {Milky Tone} by: PunkD!Clothes for Horror Haute!

HH2Jack Skellington Dress {Orange& Black w/Appliers} by: Skindustrial Bodywerks for Horror Haute!

Psycho Woman’s Tank by: Tasty Pudding for Horror Haute!

Murder Ride Outfit {Clown Suit comes in both Her & Him} by: Aftershok for Horror Haute!

Get Steamy Over Burlesque


This is such a nifty combo! A merry hybrid of Burlesque style and Steampunk metals. The Gold Burlesque outfit by Endorphin comes complete with body suit, boots {not shown}, spiked collar, stockings, bustle skirt, corset & appliers. This yummy outfit is perfect for clubbin, steampunk events, roleplay, you name it!

SteamBurlesque Gold Outfit by: Endorphin


This & That:

Boots by: Morph ~ Ligeia’s Licked Latex Boots

Hands by: Slink ~ Elegante

Mesh Breasts by: Lolas {Tango}

Makeup by: The Sugar Garden ~ Corn Flower Blue

Serious Killer ~ Horror Haute


It’s that time gals and ghouls. Time for the insanest week of the month, Horror Haute! And you’ll be feelin the bloodlust when you take a look at what the fabulous Horror Haute Creators have made for you this round. Remember to get on down to these twisted stores early during the event, so you can get the special round items at an introductory price!

HHCome drag your bloody ass down and get this twisted and gore splattered sexy “White Latex Dress” {Includes full blood splatter body tattoo} by: Tasty Pudding. There’s also a pink version!

HH1You’ll wanna get your evil little hands on this Creepy Cameo Corset Dress by: Skindustrial Bodywerks

HH2They just don’t make human hearts the way they used too…. Mores the Pity. “Love Me Mesh Top” by: Czarny Kanarek

HH3Spare parts?…What?!! The better to grab you with, My Dears… “Call of Cthulhu” Gown {Includes Dress, Bloody Chest Tattoo, & Tentacle} by: ImmateriA

HH4HH5A Lounge Chaise fit for a sacrafice, or whatever your wicked heart has in mind! “Goatressa Chaise Lounge” by: Horribaubles

This & That:

Skin by: Modish ~ Iva {Cream}

Mesh Hands & Feet by: Slink

Bloody Bandages by: Coca & Wolf

Eye Patch by: Hate This

Wrist Wraps by: Zombie Suicide

Lashes by: Redgrave

Tears of Blood by: Lafrayeur ~ Betrayal

Bloody Chefs Knife & heart by: Yellow Jester



Horror Haute for June


It’s a brand new round of Horror Haute for June!  That means you can get some wicked spooky designs from your favorite horror, goth, and darkly devious designers at a special introductory price for the one week course of the haute special. So take a gander at these evilly delicious previews, and grab a taxi to the designers main-stores before the special Horror Haute price is gone!

HH“Brilian” Steampunk Dress {Mesh-Black, Comes w/Skirt Dress, Nipple Tape, Collar, & Gloves} by: Cain **Horror Haute Designer*

Ladara Mesh Ring {Comes w/14 Gem color} by: Phoebe @ Designers Circle


HH3Touch One Shoulder Dress {Mesh Dress w/Bloody Handprint} by: Czarny Kanarek ***Horror Haute Designer***

Got My Eye On You Collar {Mesh, Set comes with Collar (shown), and earrings (not shown) by: InSpired Designs ***Horror Haute Designer***


This & That:

Photo 1& 2:

Hair by: Truth ~ Stevie

Skin by: LaQ ~ Elena {Pale}

Ears by: Trap ~ Gelf Ears {Pierced}

Nose Piercing by: Phoebe ~ Spiral Nose

Dimple Piercing by: Hollyweird

Eyes by: NoirOptix ~ Arctic Blue

Photo 3&4:

Hair by: Exile ~ Lida

Stockings by: SD Wears ~ Mind Bender

Boots by: LW ~ Crusher {Noir}

Gloves by: Ezura Xue ~ Oh My Goth {Black}

Sinful Bustiers & Corsets


It’s that time of the month again…. %$#@!!! No, I mean time for the Horror Haute, what we’re you thinkin!?? And the Horror Haute has stuff for all you twisted lil bunnies, and not so sunny babes!

A really kick ass corset, and sexy bustier based on the “classic” horror movie themes.

HH5-Right- Horror Corset- Blood {Mesh} by: The Little Bat {Horror Haute, May Edition}

-Left- Ruffle Bolero Bustier w/Blood by: Cain {Horror Haute, May Edition}

This & That:

Hair by: LoQ ~ Grappa Pieva {Fire Red}

Skin by: LAQ ~ Elena {Pale}

Eyes by: NoirOptix ~ Lime Green

Lashes by: Redgrave ~ Elemental

Tat by: iPoke ~ Biography

Mesh Skirt by: AD ~ Ana {Black w/Brocade}

Boots by: Epic ~ Mesh Neo Coal Latex Boots

Face Mask by: Grollwerk

Leather Collar by: Phoebe ~ Jessica {Red Leather}

Do the Monster Mash, Horror Haute for May


Your gonna be doing the Monsta Mash when you see what the Horror Haute designers have come up with for you this round! The theme for May was “the classics” of the old monster movies, and we have you covered with Karloff, Price, and Bela Lugosi! Make sure to visit your favorite Horror Haute designers between now and the 31st and get your goodies at a special introductory price.

DragulaDragula Roadster by: Gigdi Doll {for Horror Haute, May Edition}

HHMonster Mash Off-Shoulder Crop Tops {Showing Dracula} by: Inspired Designs {For Horror Haute, May Edition}

Nosferatu Necklace by: The Little Bat {For Horror Haute, May Edition}

HH1Devil Doll Romper {Monster} by: DRBC {For Horror Haute, May Edition}

HH2Phibes Necklace by: Collisions {For Horror Haute, May Edition}

This & That:

Hair by: Pelle ~ Rori {Black/Fuxia}

Skin by: Hush ~ Charlotte {Blue} New Release

Horns by: Contraption ~ Hooligan Horns

Eyes by: Midi Nette ~ Icicle Eyes

Eyes Shadow & Lips by: Little Pricks ~ Pout Face

Lashes by: Redgrave ~ Elemental

Tat by: Little Pricks ~ On Point

Dimple Piercing by: HollyWeird

Face Piercings by: HollyWeird ~ Ravished

Fishnets by: FBD ~ Black Fishnets

Rotten Defiance will be at World Goth Fair


Rotten Defiance is gonna be at World Goth Fair, and your gonna wanna be there to see all the dark spookies this upcoming event has in store. The World Goth Fair starts on the 15th of May, and will run till the 31st of the month. So that’s lots of time to check out all the dark and insidious designers who are true masters of their craft.

RD1Royale Mesh Dress {Shown in Red & Black w/outer Red Lace} by: Rotten Defiance for “World Goth Fair

This & That:

Hair by: LoQ ~ Merlot

Skin by: Modish ~ IVA {Cream- DB} “100 Block Fair”

Pout Face Tattoo by: Little Pricks

Eye Enhancements by: Little Pricks {Chemicals Collide}

Lashes by: Redgrave ~ Elemental

Piercings by: Phoebe {P4- Silver}

Dimples by: Hollyweird

Horns by: Virtual/Insanity ~ Enki Horns

Bracelets by: Phoebe ~ Spikes Leather {Gothic Cross}

Tattoos by: Para Designs ~ Mash Up

Necklace by: Kosh ~ Nebula

Shoes by: Epic ~ Barbs & Blood Slouchie Digi Warmers

Mesh Breasts by: Lolas ~ Tango