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Get Your Spookies!


SouledOut-CzarCat Chick {Full Outfit, includes Boots & Appliers for Lolas Tango!} by: Souled Out *Right now you can get this way nifty outfit for only 40L at the Souled Out Satellite store at Wonderland!*

Big Smile Tattoo {New Release!!} by: Czarny Kanarek

Of Dark and Hallow


DRBCHardcore Harleyquinn Costume {includes pushup bra, shorts, waist corset, boots, & cap {not shown} by: DRBC ***New Release***

CDF1Dark Dancer {includes bustier, tutu skirt, shoes, stockings, wings, gloves, & makeup} by: Souled Out for Cirque Du Freak 5L Hunt

CDFI love Clowns Dress by: Czarny Kanarek for Cirque Du Freak 5L Hunt

Get Your Ghost On


Just in time for the most frightening month of the year. Yup, October and Halloween are just around the corner. And you can get your Ghost on at FireBird Designs with these cute as all HELL Ghosties! There are lots of fabrics to pick from, so you can be a spooky ghosty, a homespun ghosty..any kinda ghost you wanna! Each Ghost comes with special alphas to hide your head, and body so you look perfect when flying or floating off the ground. So head on down to FireBird Designs and grab a ghosty, or better yet grab them all!

Bloody GhostShowing Bloody Ghost

Faded Flower GhostShowing Faded Sheet Ghost

Patch GhostShowing Patched Grey Ghost