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Great Deals for the Home @ StoraxTree!!


Hurry on down to StoraxTree where you can get some really great furnishings, perfect for fall, interior decor and more! There are always amazing sales going on at StoraxTree, with prices that can’t be beat!

Stor3Cathedral Furnishings! Perfect for any home, castle, dungeon, or intriguing interior.  You can find the table, chairs {both high and low types with differing shadows @ StoraxTree!

The lovely Heath & Home Firepace J w/ Golden Sun wall medallion is also a super StoraxTree find!

Stor1Royal Heritage Armchair {Showing color: Snow} by: StoraxTree

StorMorocco Long Trunk w/Books {Showing Darkened Version} by: StoraxTree

Stor2Lived In Side Table A {includes plants and decor} *lamp not included* by: StoraxTree


Zinnias at The 24!!


ZInnias is at The 24, and right now you can get some of the neatest new Southwestern styled releases across the grid there! From an exclusive limited edition Southwestern styled rocking chair with beautiful vibrant colors, to an awesome brand new patio set! So head on down to The 24 and check out ZInnias specials!

ZinniasCasa De Verano Patio Set {Set comes with Lounge chair, arm chair, chest & patio table {Rocking Chair & Yucca planet are exclusives to The 24, & Hassock Pouffe is a special gifty!}

Zinnias1Exclusive Rocking Chair & Free Hassock Pouffe Gifty!

Zinnias2Beautiful Zinnias detail in colors and patterns!


Black & White Challenge


It’s the release of this month’s Challenge for builders, and this fantastically amazing theme was Black & White! That means all the builders and designers came up with new and exciting releases for the home based on this very classy chic theme. Wanna see it? Then check out these stellar previews, and remember to get down to the designers main-store during the challenge week to get your favorite items at introductory prices. Don’t wait, the prices won’t last!

BWBlack & White Bed Featured was created by “PRIME” This elegant, and artful bed comes in 4 different versions. Sapphire {PG Version}, Ruby, Diamond, & Lesbian {All Adult Version}. This bed comes as a set with bedside bench {shown}, nightstand {shown}, Lanterns {shown}, privacy screen {shown}, picture frames {not shown}. You can pick up this complete set at Prime!

The lovely wall mounted vanity & chair set was created by CIRCA. This set comes with a wide array of black and white themed items, including the large rounded mirror, & Vases. These items can be found at the CIRCA main store.

Bedroom Brocade Floor Rug was created by Hate This

BW1The beautiful armchair and pouf featured in this photo was created by Cleo Design. It comes fully loaded with 4 couple, and 5 single animations The armchair & pouf is featured in a lovely living room set {not shown in total} that includes a daybed, lamp, rug, and several more pieces all in the black and white theme!

 The classically chic art deco table lamp with lovely brass accents was created by Senzafine

Book stacks on top of the bedside bench & Long Black Drapes were created by Bauwerk

Glass Topped Sand Filled table {at the foot of the bed}, & Cherry Blossom Floral Vase was created by DDD

The beautiful wooden I wish wall artwork was created by Collage

BW2Brocade standing floor lamp was created by Bauwerk

BW3Fur draped Chair created by Kuro

Monochrome Table w/magazines & books & Segmented Vase by: Bauwerk

BW4Graceful Vintage Living Room Set {Showing complete set that includes Flooring & Wall Unit} by :UR:

All these fabulous furnishings and so much more can be found at each stores main-store at a special introductory price during the Black & White Challenge Week! So get your linked Taxi’s, and have a peek!

Vanessa Seating Set


AVanessa Seating Set {w/color changing huds for both Dormeuse, & Ottoman} by: Atelier Visconti @ The Designer Warehouse!

This & That:

Yellow Orchids by: MudHoney

New Releases from DaD Design & StoraxTree


DDD1Shabby Patriotic Living Room Set { Set includes 2 Sofas w/animations, 1 armchair w/animations, pouff w/animations, living table, lighthouse light, living console, rug & American Flag} by: DaD Design *New Release*

Elegant Planter w/Parviflora Fronds by: StoraxTree {Special Price of 30L on Saturday}

DDDGlass Vase Enclosed Flowers A, & B, by: StoraxTree {Special 30L Price on Saturday}

StoraxAntique White Forest Flower Iron Bed by: StoraxTree {Super Sale Weekend Special 75L}

Antique White Forest Flower Blanket Chest by: StoraxTree {Secret Wednesday Sale 49L}

Antique White Forest Flower Nightstand by: StoraxTree {Secret Wednesday Sale 49L}

Vintage Stained Glass Room Divider -White Tree by: StoraxTree 50L Special

Elegant Planter w/Flowered Bush by: StoraxTree 30L Saturday Special

Beeswax Candelabra {B} by: StoraxTree @Pure Contagion 50L

This & That:

Laptop by: Patron

Tea Tray by: Lisp

Teapot by: Patron

Storax2Antique White Forest Flower Dresser w/Mirror by: StoraxTree @ Super Sales Weekend 75L

Antique Forest Flower Tall Dresser by: StoraxTree @ Super Sales Weekend 75L

Simple Elegance Delicate Lamp – White Forest by: StoraxTree 50L Special

The Challenge: Factory Industrial


No, it’s not the industrial revolution, but it is that time again for “The Challenge for Builders!” And this furnishings challenge theme was all about the factory industrial scheme. Everything from pipes, to reclaimed wood, metal, and art galore! Such a perfect collaboration for a loft, or a studio apartment! Eclectic, unique, and full of character and soul. Which is totally what the designers for this challenge have brought to us this session!

So here’s a glimpse of what you can grab for yourself from each Challenge Designer location. Remember, if you hit the main-stores of each builder and grab the item, or items during the first week of release, you’ll get it at a special introductory price. So don’t wait too long!

Industrial1Industrial Style Bed {w/wheel bedspread. This bed is part of a fantastic factory industrial themed set for this challenge, and includes the pallet table {shown}, linen Basket {shown}, snack tray {shown}, as well as many other accessories! } by: Cleo Design {The Challenge for Builders}

Pallet Style Table {w/ bottom shelf books & magazines} by: Cleo Design {The Challenge for Builders}

Indus1Table Top Fashion Magazines by: Patron

Laptop by: L’aize Dayz

Wine Glass by: Noctis

Artist Reclaimed Chair by: Flutter Memel

Rug by: Dimension Designs

IndusFactory Industrial Cupboard by: Hate This {The Challenge for Builders}

Snack Tray on top of Cupboard by: Cleo Design {The Challenge for Builders}

Lap Factory Chair {Chair has shadow, or no shadow option, and includes poses for Male & Female, Lap Dances, and it even gives out drinks!} by: %Percent Furniture {The Challenge for Builders}

DIY Shelves by: Chiana Oh

Apothecary Cabinet by: Zigana

Sol Ceramic Vases by: Zinnias

Flying Bird Display by: Trompe Loeil

IndustrialFactory Drafting Desk {This highly detailed drafting desk is part of a beautiful set that includes: The desk, stool, factory boxes, waste basket, as well as a football helmet {not shown} by: Follow Us {The Challenge for Builders}

Linen Basket {w/Cog Wheel Designs} by: Cleo Design {The Challenge for Builders}

Find Your Bearings Wall Art {w/accent lamps} by: Breno {The Challenge for Builders}

Metal Wall Pipe Lamps {Grey} by: Kuro {The Challenge for Builders}

All interiors are featured inside “The Little Warehouse Skybox” {This spacious Sky-box is very low prim {22}, and includes light setting controllers and ambient industrial themed textures. by: Bauwerk {The Challenge for Builders}