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Mad Hatters Midweek @ KaTnipZ Wonderland!!


It’s the Mad Hatters Midweek Sale @ KaTnipZ Wonderland! And that means that oodles of your favorite designers have set out special items for you at the insane price of 40L! Yup, only 40L! But the Mad Hatter Sale at Wonderland only lasts 2 days! So hurry on down to the Wonderland Sim, and check out all the designer stores that have the little Mad Hatter Hat on their vendors to get the special deals!

^WSC^ Witch _Black_Red_ {Mesh} Blah Cap Cute little hatter DBF DD FCD ModaMia OhLALA Que Bella S&C SD SO TheP!nk Bandaid-  BeGentle Necklace Titsup ToXiC HiGh-- Blue Heart Titty Top Outfit Weds Sale


Mad Hatters Midweek Sale @ Wonderland!


Don’t be late, don’t be late, for a very important DATE! It’s Wednesday @ KaTnipZ Wonderland, and that means we’re all going a little kookie, a little crazy, a little MAD, MAD, MAD! Mad for the Mad Hatter’s Midweek Sale! 2 days worth of amazing designers with special marked items at only 40L! You can find these amazingly crazy deals by looking for the MAD HATTER Hat Prim slapped on the vendors at each designers Wonderland store. But don’t be late! These deals will only be good for 2 DAYS, so hurry on down to Wonderland!

._ Tits Up _. Blossom Teal_MHM [trs]BitchBody_Pic {PO} PrincessCage MHM blah.BLAH.blah Bandana Summer Top and Shorts Cap Carry On Blue DARK SECRETS ADD DD EBMOD FCD Flower Outfit ad LOORDES OF LONDON-SUFFOLK CORSET-SCARLET Madness-in-Wonderland-Steampunk-Ballet-Stage_MHM ModaMia HeartBreaker Bikini1 PS S&C TheP!nk Bandaid-  BeGentle Necklace