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Mad Hatters Midweek @ KaTnipZ Wonderland!!


It’s the Mad Hatters Midweek Sale @ KaTnipZ Wonderland! And that means that oodles of your favorite designers have set out special items for you at the insane price of 40L! Yup, only 40L! But the Mad Hatter Sale at Wonderland only lasts 2 days! So hurry on down to the Wonderland Sim, and check out all the designer stores that have the little Mad Hatter Hat on their vendors to get the special deals!

^WSC^ Witch _Black_Red_ {Mesh} Blah Cap Cute little hatter DBF DD FCD ModaMia OhLALA Que Bella S&C SD SO TheP!nk Bandaid-  BeGentle Necklace Titsup ToXiC HiGh-- Blue Heart Titty Top Outfit Weds Sale


Get Your Spookies!


SouledOut-CzarCat Chick {Full Outfit, includes Boots & Appliers for Lolas Tango!} by: Souled Out *Right now you can get this way nifty outfit for only 40L at the Souled Out Satellite store at Wonderland!*

Big Smile Tattoo {New Release!!} by: Czarny Kanarek

Alice in Boobieland Re-Visited


Aib3Alice Outfit {Includes Skirt, & Boobie Tags} by: Pink Sugah @ Alice in Boobieland 5L Hunt!

Aib1Mad Alice Outfit {Includes Corset, Skirt, Stockings, Boots, Collar, Eat Me Mouthie, Hat, Makeup & Bows w/Appliers} by: D&G Fashions @ Alice in Boobieland 5L Hunt

Aib2Super Cute Hat, Makeup & Mouthie!

AibAlice Pencil Skirt Outfit {Includes Top & Skirt & Lolli w/Appliers} by: PixyStix @ Alice in Boobieland 5L Hunt!

This & That:

Skin by: Modish ~ Daria {Dune}

Hands by: Slink

Mesh Breasts by: Lolas {Tango}

Makeup by: Mystique ~ Baby Blue

Eyes by: SongBird ~ Big Bang Eyes

Nails by: Elephante Poses ~ Cruel Summer

Tattoo by: Nokturnal Ink ~ Wonderland

Fall through the Rabbit Hole…


Fall through the rabbit hole with us, and come participate in the very first Alice in Boobieland Hunt & Sale Event. During this fantastical boobie hunt, designers have left 5L hunt items all over KatnipZ Wonderland. And there not just any gifts! No, there gifts from some of the VERY BEST SL Boobie Designers around. And dats the truth! On top of that, the gifts are AMAZING! No cheapy hunt gifts here! And in celebration for this long anticipated hunt, the designers have set up special carts in addition to their hidden hunt gifts, all around the sim. These carts have special priced items, freebies, and many, many nifty gifties! And all of it’s for You! Remember, this is a SIM WIDE hunt, so all the prizes and items are @ KaTnipZ Wonderland

Wanna see even more hunt prizes and get all the hints? Check out the hunt blog!

AIBAlice Body Suit w/Appliers by: Luckie @ Alice in Boobieland Hunt

Eat Me Dress w/Appliers by: GAALL @ Alice in Boobieland Hunt

Sexy Hatter Outfit w/hat & appliers by: Pure Perfection @ Alice in Boobieland Hunt

AIB1Eat Me Shrooms Pasties by: Fappy @ Alice in Boobieland Hunt

AIB2Off With Your Head Tee by: Forbidden Closet Designs @ Alice in Boobieland Hunt

Alice in Boobieland 5L Hunt has Started!


The Alice in Boobieland hunt @ Wonderland has started! So come on down and grab the goodies, and accessories for all your Boobies! Lots of sweet and sexy outfits and items in a wonderland theme! Hurry on down to KaTnipZ Wonderland!

alice in Boobieland

It’s Crazy Time Again!


Yup, it’s the Mad Hatters Mid Week Madness Sale @ KaTnipZ Wonderland! And that means that every participating designer for this special 2 day sale has put something out for you on their porch at Wonderland! All those special items marked with the Mad Hatters Hat are priced at only 40L!  Yup, it’s a damn steal when you see what you have the chance to get! Maybe it’s something in the water at wonderland, I don’t know! But you better take advantage of these deals before there gone! Remember the Mid Week Madness Sale @ KaTnipZ Wonderland only lasts 2 days!!!!

.S&C. The Hottest Chick ____OhLaLa ___Pink Sugah Pic  for MHM {Capacious} Leslie Dress - Poster {PO} Mad Hatter Special Almost Wonderland Damned Dolls DaZeD DeZineZ Love Me Aqua Dream of Me Blue EBMod - ChewToy v1.1 Advert Elegant Goth LOORDES OF LONDON-BALLERINA FLATS-NAVY&OLIVE 1 MadHattersDressPic ModaMia Long Stars Bell Bottom Jumper Sacred Dreams ToXiC HiGh-- ToXiC Jeans [Two Tone Denim] AD 40L TRS UP ALL NIGHT ADD FOR SOULED OUT

Rabbit Hole Goodies


RHSHere Comes Trouble {Includes winged T & Pants} by: Sugar & Cyanide @ Rabbit Hole

RHS1Mustache Rings {a Wide Assortment of Colors!} by: Candy Crunchers @ Rabbit Hole

RHS27 Nifty Colors to Choose!

RHS3Crows Nest Dress {Showing Ruby, with other colors available. Dress includes boots, earrings, necklace, & ring w/Appliers} by: Souled Out @ Rabbit Hole


RHS5My Little CuppyCakes Outfit {Outfit Includes Skirt, & Top w/Appliers} by: Newtique Designs @ Rabbit Hole


This & That:

Skin by: Modish ~ Amber Orient {DB, CL w/slink covers}

Mesh Breasts by: Lolas ~ Tango

Mesh Hands by: Slink ~ Elegante

Eyes by: Honey Pang

Lashes by: Redgrave ~ Luscious

Cupcake Mouthie by: Elephante Poses

CupCake Slip-on’s by: Bubble

Unicorn Horn by: Bubble